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There is nothing worse than moving into your new home, but then not being able to find that one thing you swore you put in some cardboard box…somewhere, right?  If you have run into this problem on more than one occasion, than the issue at hand may be organizational skills.  Without this tool, it could mean losing your sentimental belongings in the hustle and bustle of the moving process.  That is why when you are looking for a full-service move (in addition to standard transport,) we at Keep Pittsburgh Moving Services Extraordinaire will make sure to organize and clearly label everything when you choose our local packers and movers for the job.

And packing is not just about organization either.  Many times, your furniture or larger items that cannot fit in boxes, will require packing to prevent any damages while on the road.  Packing supplies like bubble wrap, paper, and plastic will usually cost a pretty penny for consumers, but Keep Pittsburgh Moving Services orders these items for wholesale prices, so our packing often costs less than it would to do it yourself!  Somerville Pro Movers – best affordable moving prices also carries them in stock.

If you are short on time and are looking for a cheap all-in-one solution, than you should consider hiring our team of local packers and movers for your next full-service move.  Whether you are moving locally or moving interstate, we promise to treat your belongings with respect and with great attention to details, so you will never miss a thing during your next move.